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Reply to "Ferguson School District Violated Voting Rights Act, Judge Rules"

If these people DO NOT CONSIDER US CITIZENS of this Joint, why don't they just come out and say it???

Attention: All Negroes, Colored Folks, Niggers, Nigras, Coons:

We do not consider you people, citizens, we just look at all of you as REFUGEES. Wish all of you would go back to Africa yesterday or first thing in the morning. Too bad you haven't got enough money; we try to take every cent you have, providing you services and shit. The contraption you're using now, plus the phone and TV combined is damn near a mortgage or car payment every month. We get your black ass coming and going. No pun intended.

But as long as you're living among us, we're going to do everything possible to end your lives, make you beyond miserable and sad, with the exception of bombing you, unless you really piss us the FUCK OFF.

We don't want you to participate in our voting systems, don't want you to go to our schools, don't want to live any where near your black asses, all of you remind us of King Kong, Harambe, and Shabani.  Hear Shabani's handsome!!! Got the women Japanese/probably a few white women, drooling all over themselves (thought I'd clean that up a little; nah, I cleaned that up a lot.)

We consider you 3/5 a person, and think you're ugly as fuck. You think Slavery's over; that's the biggest lie we EVER TOLD. You've all accumulated, collectively about $2.50 since you arrived here  in 1619 haven't you?? Sorry that 40 acres and the fuckin' mule never materialized, we were too busy giving all our funky, nasty, unbathed, diseased European brethren FREE LAND when they arrived here. They had to go on those fuckin' gold hunts ya know!!!!!

We damn near slaughtered all the buffalo. Did you see the picture of all those skulls piled to the heavens?? We were proud of that. We're proud when we kill all the animals. Have their skulls lining our walls, have them stuffed, we're walking on their skins as rugs.  You know what happened to Cecil dontcha?? Dentist had it going on!!!!!!! Went to Africa and showed his ASS while killing Cecil's. He's PROUD; buttons bouncing off his shirt right now!!!

Keep on singing and dancing Ole Good Darkies, that song "We Shall Overcome" is getting on our last nerve, but if you have to sing that once a year or more, because you're protesting our unGODly bullshit  and slaughtgering of your sons and daughters, we can tolerate that fucking noise. Just continue burning down YOUR neighborhoods; don't come to ours, we'll Donerize your BLACK ASSES. They'll get rebuilt within 100 years or so; you won't live to see that. Our rich brethren will take care of that once your gone, however you're gone. We'll make everything white again, if we don't destroy the whole fuckin' world before then. Kim Jong Un gets antsy every now and then; fires up the ocean. Might accidentally on purpose let a big one go; that'll be it!!!!!! No more damn fish, that's for sure. Won't have to worry about sharks eating us up for lunch once a week. There won't be any US for them to eat; we'll be gone too.

Too bad we have allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the fucking money. Never going to give you any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We've been real good towards keeping it all to ourselves, living in the big houses, living off the fat of the lamb, living LARGE!!!

Keep on humpin' along Blackies, we'll let you know when we've had enough. One day, you'll wake up, and see your brethren laying all over the streets, deader than door nails, bullets flying every fucking where. Your Black Asses should get the message THEN. The Undertakers will be dancing the White Man's Jig to the Country Beat!!!!!! Maybe there'll be some River Dancing. Luck of the Irish, dontchano????

Ya'll got some good rhythm!!!!! Thank you very much for your 300 years of free labor; allowing us to make zillions off your talents, sports, music, singing, fuckin; that noisy Rap shit. We copy you all pretty good, though, dontcha think? Elvis, Pat Boone, Eminem, Macklemore (whoever the fuck that is!)

Thank you very much for filling our Nigger Cages to the hilt; you sure continue to make us zillions of dollars. We had to turn those Slave Patrols into something more palatable. It's called The Prison Industrial System. Sounds good, dontcha think??? Sounds Educational. Y'all love being there sometimes until executed; sometimes for life with 3 lifetime sentences added. That must be 1,000 to 2,000 years, isn't it??? And never forget that 40 YEAR SOLITARY CONFINEMENT in a cage with bugs and rodents, no human contact; no lights. I believe I'd rather be waterboarded right on out of here to the next realm of Wherever.

Thank you Good Darkies!! Until we kill you ALL, which will be soon: .

At the moment have a good night's sleep, if you have a roof over your head. If you don't; too bad, so sad.

We HATE your BLACK ASSES, all of YOU!!!!! (Must admit we like to fuck one of ya every now and then; back, front, sideways, off the wall, in an occasional Police Car.)

In the slight or maybe not so slight case of WW III, we'll probably FORCE you to go kill some world wide Darkies.

Thanking you in advance for that too. We just won't give 5 fucks about you if you come home in one or a couple of pieces, still breathing. We'll tell ya, "Thank you for your Service!" Then we'll turn to each other, pat each of us on the back, laughing, all the while calling you "NIGGER ASSHOLE"!!!!!!!

We stole us a MIGHTY GREAT COUNTRY, dontcha think????? The Original Natives probably think so too, since it was ORIGINALLY THEIR COUNTRY; probably still is, all the fuckin' treaties we broke! They're on fucking RESERVATIONS somewhere; guess they're OK. They're drunk most of the time, sometimes out of their minds, and we don't care one bit. Out of sight, out of mind. (I just want to say, maybe so, but when they're handsome, there's NO ONE on the planet who can beat them in the looks department.) N.O. O.N.E.

Thanks for helping build the motherfucker!!!!! Even though it was at the crack of the whip, it's sure 'nuff pretty. See all the pretty buildings in the cities???Whatchu think about The White's House??? You built that too!!!!  You was some good Niggers when we didn't have to pay you; not so good now.

We're sorry you're here, but that fuckin' sun ya know!!!! Turns our funky asses straight into LOBSTERS now as it did the 'cestors then. Sunburn hurts like a motherfucker!! We couldn't handle that cotton. Sorry you're here; glad you picked all that fuckin' cotton. Made us WEALTHY!!!!!!! We're now called "AMERICANS." Don't know how we got AMERICANS out of AMERIGO. We do dumb shit like that. All we CAN really do is kill NIGGERS, with a flare All NIGGERS can do is GO straight to their graves.

                                                   Yours truly,


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