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Reply to "Fellas, what have you sacrificed for a lady?"

Originally posted by Kweli4Real:
Romulus ... The question was what HAVE you sacrificed; not what would you sacrifice now. sck

As you've answered, I have to call bs ... There is no way that you could be as damaged as you are without your first having sacrificed something ... I suspect a lot.

It's already been established a long time ago you don't have the basic cognitive capability to comprehend simple statements or answer simple questions, and you try to derail, distract, and redirect out of ignorance and immaturity, so why should this situation be any different?

Let me make it a little more clear for you, speedy. Other than time and money I never have, am currently not, and never will sacrifice a damn thing for a female. After having met the parents of my then soon to be fiancee I was faced with the choice of retaining my christianity or converting to another faith as well as our future children not having their choice of religion if I had married her. I chose christianity.

I was faced with the choice of advancing early in my career before finishing my masters degree, which would take me out of state or stay in grad school and marry a female I had recently settled differences with. After further observation I determined from her academic struggles as well as her willingness to listen to the advice of disgruntled single college girls over an established, experienced man such as myself that I should follow the career opportunity.

I had to make the choice between maintaining a serious relationship with a female I met in Florida or going back home to finish my masters degree. Her continued battles from divorcing her husband and struggling with her then teenage son I made the choice to return home to finish my masters degree. Next year I'll be enrolled in a doctorate program in organizational leadership. Can you see the pattern of choosing career advancement and education over a questionable situation with a potential significant other? I doubt you can. I've already had first hand experience of the down side of making sacrifices for a significant other that isn't on the same page and that is a path I choose not to follow.