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Reply to "Fasting???"

msp--be careful!!

i've never fasted, but i have detoxed. 6 or 7 years ago i purchased lose herbs from a very well known herb shop here in seattle. following the instruction of the herbologist, i steeped the herbs and drank the "tea" twice a day for 3 days. i almost ended up in the hospital because i had over-cleansed my system.

here is something i found online on fasting:

The idea that fasting can cleanse your body of toxins is thousands of years old. Current-day detoxifiers rarely advocate a true fast (no food or liquid) for any length of time because it can quickly become life-threatening. Most recommend a water or juice fast, or a modified food fast including only some fruits, vegetables, juices, and teas. Some, like the detoxification guru Elson M. Haas, MD, author of the book Detox Diet: A How-To Guide for Cleansing the Body of Toxic Substances, recommend drinking 8-12 glasses a day of a concoction of maple syrup, lemon juice, and water for the duration of the fast.

Fasts can last anywhere from a few days to weeks. Detox proponents, including Haas, often advocate one or more weeks, though medical professionals say that long-term fasting (more than a few days) can be dangerous because that's when the body begins, essentially, to "eat itself." Zealots have even suggested that short-term fasting is safe for those with kidney failure, liver disease, pregnant/nursing women, and even infants.

Proponents claim that fasting allows the body, especially the liver, to "rest," shifting its emphasis from dealing with daily toxic intake to cleaning up past toxic "stores" that will eventually cause illness. Unfortunately, the body doesn't know the difference between "fasting" and "starving." The body is never at rest during a fast, but works feverishly to prevent starvation and death. The liver is especially taxed during a fast, converting fat into energy for the body to use. And during a lengthy fast, the liver is working overtime dealing with dangerous by-products from muscle and tissue breakdown as the body searches for protein stores.

According to Haas, fasting also "increases the process of elimination and the release of toxins from the colon, kidneys and bladder, lungs and sinuses, and skin." This toxic download is supposed to be so powerful that it can cure and prevent illness as well as forestall the aging process. Some medical conditions that might signal the need for a detoxifying fast, according to Haas and others, are frequent headaches, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and mental illness. Ironically, fasting actually can exacerbate or cause these health problems. Fasting often results in headaches or depression; cardiac problems can arise; and glucose regulation for the diabetic will be difficult or impossible and perhaps even life-threatening.

i definately wouldn't say im against it, but just be careful doing it if you choose to. Smile