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Reply to "Fasting"

Originally posted by Khalliqa:
Health Benefits of Fasting
Hazards of Fasting
If fasting is overused, it may create depletion and weakness, lower resistance, and allow diseases to begin. Certain people are not good candidates for fasting or cleansing. Others may enjoy fasting so much that they overindulge in it and take it beyond the limits of normal elimination, resulting in protein and other nutritional deficits, reduced immunity, and loss of energy. While fasting allows the organs, tissues, and cells to rest, clean house, and handle excesses, the body needs the nourishment provided by food to function after it has used its stores.

Many people of the world are involuntary fasters, while those of the Western nations are more likely to be feasters. In Third World countries, many starvation deaths result from the disease of protein deficiency, termed kwashiorkor, and protein-calorie malnutrition, known as marasmus. What happens to these people is what happens with chronic fasting"‚ÄĚloss of muscle mass, weight, and energy, and finally swelling and death.

I found this interesting because the diet given to us by the Messenger (if properly followed) does not result in this phenom. Also, as I read further, I saw that the good Dr. calls drinking juices for the term of the fast "fasting", when it really is not. The digestive system requires rest. The period which one gives to rest the digestive system is called a "fast". By drinking juices throughout the process, the digestive system is constantly working. It is the resting of the digestive system which allows the acids in the stomach to break down the toxins in one's systems, in conjunction with resting the system; this produces good health. The fast should not be weight oriented. It is good that we have been able to master this skill, while our slave-master's child are slaves to their appetites. They were not made to live long lives and delight in shortening our lives with their contrary way of existence.

Thank you for the article, as there is much information in it that we can learn from. The best information I have found is in the book "How to eat to live".