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Reply to "Farrakhan Urges Black Unity in Detroit"

Originally Posted by Romulus Burnett:
Originally Posted by sunnubian:



Farrakhan outlined an economic plan of having about 150 pastors “pool our resources” to purchase land and buildings. “You could buy all those rundown buildings.”

 And then, “let’s go sell it and take some of that money and give it to the young people.”










How about instead of buying up land only to turn around and sell it away, maybe SIT on the damn land. Develop it, market it and LEASE it to the movie industry.

Wow...long time no hear from.....


The NOI's economic blueprint is based on the productive value of land and not making money off of rents in perpetuity (that raises more problems and issue in and of it self).  THLF's overall point (which is his focus) is that whatever development that takes place, must take place in ways that develop and benefit the people.