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Reply to "Farrakhan Urges Black Unity in Detroit"

Okay .... well, I read - and re-read this THREE times just to be sure!!!  And all I ccan say is ....




And I hope SOMEBODY listens to him and is SMART enough to do EXACTLY what he is saying!!! 


If I had some money, I'd do it just because 1) he said it ... and 2) because it's the right thing to do!!  (All except that "give it to the young people" thingy!!    Nope ... the "young people" would have to EARN that money ...but they could do so by going to school, learning taking business courses, learning to be entrepreneurs, homeowners, whatever it takes to live in, run and take care of a NEIGHBORHOOD ... other than being drug dealers, thugs, criminals.


NOTHING BUT Black people need to be buying up Detroit!! 


Are we NOT learning our lesson from LOSING all of our generational history and culture to the White gentrification now happening in Harlem??    Yeah .... we get pissed off when White people "take over" OUR cities ... but, it's not like we're doing a DAMN THANG to take them over for ourselves!!  


I mean ... it's NOT LIKE (ENOUGH) BLACK PEOPLE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY to save Detroit!!!  What we DON'T seem to have is the common sense ... the general intelligence ...  the financial comprehension of the benefits of pooling money .... nor the collective unity of anything about ourselves ..... to be able to SEE that what the Minister is saying is the absolute TRUTH!!!


One thing he does have right though .... is asking "preachers" to be the ones to put up the money!!  Lord knows they've bilked the good citizens of Detroit out of enough of theirs!!  If anybody has the resources .... it would definitely be them