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Reply to "Farrakhan Urges Black Unity in Detroit"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:
Originally Posted by Yemaya:

The problem that I have with this speech and his presence and frankly the Black NOI in Detroit is that they are now jumping in when that ship has sailed. Where were they when Dr. Claude Anderson was trying to purchase and establish an economic presence in Michigan to benefit African Americans? Unifying now when the city has been the victim of a hostile takeover by the state is no good.

This doesn't make much sense.


The NOI was founded in Detroit and thus its presence cannot be described as now "coming in" when we are very much a part of the community.


Dr. Claude Anderson has had some good ideas, but to be honest his ideas are not nearly as thought out has he'd like to think they are, and his is not very welcoming to informed discussion on the matter (he's been challenged and corrected when he used to be a frequent guest on radio).  Economic development is an ongoing activity where ever people are living and particularly one where you cannot assume "as long as we do X, we'll have outcome Y".   Having said that, I have to point out that economic development has been and continues to be a staple of the NOI........long before Dr. Anderson wrote Powernomics. 


On the larger question of unity in the aftermath of a crisis.  That is a theme repeated throughout history and isn't limited to Black people.  Even in the midst of the industrial boom the Muhammad Speaks used to publish a cartoon with closed factories.....the point was (implicitly/explicitly) that we wont truly seek unity with each other until the circumstance of life force us to.


Detroit is in many ways the rude awakening that people who still fantasize that capitalist business structure (in any of its forms) will be a sufficient bedrock to begin solving our problems.  It wont.

Yep it  makes perfect sense. Why Because it shows again that we are still operating in a reactive mindset vs. a proactive mindset.  This mess in Detroit has been brewing and discussed on for years. SMH