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Reply to "Farrakhan Urges Black Unity in Detroit"

Originally Posted by Yemaya:
Did you see Q&A this weekend Xum? S. James Gates, Jr. was featured on the show. You may find that interesting.

Didn't see it.  Looked over the transcript.


This is the issue right here:

GATES JR.: Most kids start off knowing they’re pretty smart. And the evidence of that – that we scientists often refer to is when you go into an elementary school at Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, as a scientist you start talking to kids about the world and telling them a lot of stuff. The enthusiasm, the engagement is just off scale. You do that same thing in say Grades 8 to 10, it’s very different. So something is happening in our educational process, to turn young people’s natural curiosity off.

I remember something happening to my thinking when I was in about 6th grade.  I noticed I began organizing a lot of things in terms of Black and White.  But when I seriously thought about it I noticed race did not really have anything to do with them.  There is no Black physics.  There is no White physics.  Physics is incapable of giving a damn about human beings.  When I noticed I was doing that I deliberately suppressed it.  I guess it is part of a psychological phase that all kids go through.


But what he is saying about kids is so true and race has little to do with it.  But Black kids tend to grow up in a more intellectually stultifying environments than White kids. However we now live in a more complicated environment than in the 60s.


I had been reading SF two years when I noticed my silly thinking.  I didn't look at my Black neighborhood the same way.  But not thinking like everyone else got me in trouble sometimes.


But how many Black kids have parents who are scientists or engineers or doctors?  So how do we create more intellectually stimulating environments for Black kids.  I say these tablet computers fit the bill but I also say the problem is White folks are not going to distribute good information about what to do with them.  They are just going to try to make money selling them


Why don't they have a Recommended Reading List for White kids?  That makes no sense with all of this talk about education.  The class structure depends on keeping most people ignorant and thinking in the approved box.   We are just supposed to be more ignorant.  So what are WE going to do about it?