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Reply to "Farrakhan Urges Black Unity in Detroit"

Originally Posted by EbonyRose:
Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:
Originally Posted by EbonyRose:

The real damn shame is that he would even need to be more specific than that. 

THLF has never represented himself to be an economist, lawyer, engineer, surgeon, etc etc.  What he (and others in their respective areas) argue is the reasonableness of Black people thinking and acting and building in ways that puts service to each other's needs first.  


There's a big difference between acting in ways that will enrich yourself, and acting in ways that will benefit the community (not as after thought).


Many embraced the fantasy that success could be found in corporate America.  Black liberation and Black struggles for justice where just "excuses" for not getting in the game etc.   Now that the illusion is over..........there's a willingness to entertain the idea of Black self governance on a community level. 


Which also speaks to Yemaya's point about being reactionary.  It would be great if everyone could be convinced through sound augmentation of the need, importance and value of doing what has been suggested.  Unfortunately it is VERY difficult if/when you are wrapped up in a type of social reasoning that dismisses the idea of self governance out of hand.


As usual, M.C. ... I have no EARTHLY idea what what you said is supposed to mean ....


But let me be perfectly blunt/clear about what I meant by whatI said ....


In my opinion ... I think it's a DAMN SHAME that BLACK PEOPLE (would) NEED to be given an EXPLANATION as to what it means to .... or why it would/should/is necessary  ... to UNITE!! 


It's a simple, two-syllable, English-language word. 


And why BLACK PEOPLE can't/don't/won't "get it" .... is something WAY beyond pitiful and/or sad to me.

Not trying to be cryptic, just trying to keep my comments pretty general an accurate.


To be blunt.....many black people do not give a sh*t anything unless there is either a direct benefit or direct threat to their daily life.   Living between those two ends are what most call a comfort zone.  


When that zone gets rocked (ie Yes its possible for you to make ALL the right decisions in life and still end up unemployed, shot by police etc etc).....THEN attention is payed to those who suggest alternative ways of living (business, schooling, governing etc).


How many times have have you heard"successful" Black professional proclaim that speaking out on injustice is "played out"?


Ever hear Black people use language like "if you're not doing anything wrong, you don't have anything to worry about?"


Or perhaps the other end of the spectrum "The problem is nigga's sh*t and never will be so they get whatever"


These are all types of neo-liberal thinking that suggest no matter how much a system is producing ill and undesirable are only to EVER blame yourself for the effect it (the system) produced!  If there's no obvious reason make some up!


From that perspective, the idea of unity (mixed with other forms of Black self hatred and mistrust) is a non starter.  Thus the case has to be continuously made.  For every person that agrees with the need for unity, there are those who've been made to think that its: unnecessary and/or impossible