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Reply to "Farrakhan Urges Black Unity in Detroit"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:
Originally Posted by EbonyRose:

The real damn shame is that he would even need to be more specific than that. 

THLF has never represented himself to be an economist, lawyer, engineer, surgeon, etc etc.  What he (and others in their respective areas) argue is the reasonableness of Black people thinking and acting and building in ways that puts service to each other's needs first.  


Unfortunately it is VERY difficult if/when you are wrapped up in a type of social reasoning that dismisses the idea of self governance out of hand.


A transnational supra-nation between North America, South Americ and Africa would make sense.  The Internet would be the base for necessary communication.  But being technologically literate would be a mandatory part of that.


I say trust palefaces to provide as much information as serves their purposes and make us pay for that.  


I say this stupid consumerism that the palefaces created is going to crash in this century and then we must wonder what global warming could do to Africa and South America.  We need a Black cadre of scientists which does not think whatever the palefaces tell them.


What do Black scientists say about 9/11?