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Reply to "Families Who Left Flint Not Eligible to Receive New Benefits, Even If Their Children Were Affected"

Kocolicious posted:

  We now have AFRICA in America-where children are thrown under the bus.  Don't need to say  if these were "white" children.  We know the answer to that Jim Crow/Apartheid  resurfaces.  But!

Well, actually, since Flint was approximately 30Something% White, they are throwing White children, (and men and women) under that same damn bus.

That should tell White Americans that Racists and/or a Corporate Oligarchy is willing to throw at least 30% of White people 'under the bus' [i.e. sacrifice as "collateral"] for an opportunity to harm and/or destroy Black people.

It should tell White people in America, that they too, will be sacrificial lambs of a psychopathic corporate oligarchy.

It should tell White people that all the Racist Nymphs of a corporate aligarchy will, at the bidding of their corporate 'masters', will sacrifice them too.  

And, it should tell White people that any jim crow/apartheid system is also a dictatorship over the lives of White people too.   

But, really, ALL Americans should have learned something from the "Twin Towers".

All Black Americans should already know, i.e., BLACK WALL STREET, THE TUSKEGEE EXPERIMENT, jim crow, LYNCHINGS, Convict Leasing, DWB, WWB, M.O.V.E., Katrina, The SchooL-To-Prison Pipeline, Black People Harassed, Brutalized, Tortured, and Murdered [LYNCHED] By Police.


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