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Reply to "Ever Met Someone Famous?"

"Curly" from the harlem globetrotters back when I was 10 (real nice guy).

KRS1: So cool and down to earth me and my boy were taken aback. he actually asked us to walk and talk to him for a while.

Butterfly(Ish From digable planets): Back in '94 about 2 months after "blowout comb" dropped, and dig plans were my fav. group I met him at a concert/benefit for Assata Shakur he was cool, but when I told him dig plans was my group he was like "F*%&k dem two, f*%&k digable planets that s*#t is dead. I don't even mess wit dem no more. I got a new group called `7 and a crescent."

Mos Def: Back when I was in school and worked at macy's and "Miss fat booty" was out, and by the way he described her and her name I told him that I thought he was talking about my ex. and he fell to one knee laughing and assured me that "Names have been changed to protect the innocent".

The Fugees: Back when they were filming the vid. for "Vocab" and it was an open set meaning that people could come and kick it with them in between takes. Wyclef(real cool),Lauren(real REAL cool, and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS), pras had me kicked off the set because I kicked a rhyme for Lauren, she told pras "YO! this dude is nice!" Pras insisted I battle him. I did...he got RIPPED (because he's pras, and he SUUUCKKS) Lauren fell out laughing he got heated and had the set closed off, and me booted. upset

Trick daddy: Also came to macy's when I worked there. Dude is seriously like 4'11 and that country accent was so thick NO ONE could make out what he was saying (and I was surrounded with people from M.d., D.C., and v.a) as soon as he bounced (mad as hell at this point) all ten of us were on the floor laughing.

Gerald Levert: I mistook him for my old high school p.e. teacher, he looked shocked and confused, my at the time lady apologized to him, pulled me away,and told him she'd explain it to me later. He laughed and thanked her.

Public Enemy: (real cool)

N'bushe wright: Alright I did'nt actually meet her but there was another party for Assata, in the basement of some apt. in tribeca, and she's soooo pretty on film, but in person SHE'S STUNNING, so I just occasionally stared at her.

De la Sol: On the subway, they're alright guys.

LL Cool J: O.k. again I did'nt actually meet him but me and some friends were on jamaica ave. and he pulled up right in front of us, at a red light in a white drop top with the hood down, as these cats were comming out of Mcdonalds. They were like "Whatup LL!" he just turned up his sound system up and ignored them, next thing you know he caught a couple of half eaten big macs up the side of his head, closely followed by a hot apple pie and a strawberry shake. He just sped off through the light with hot apple pie all over the back of his head still steaming. Ouch.

Then I heard another voice say:"come out of her,my people,so that you will not share her sins,so that you will not receive her plagues, for her sins have piled up to heaven and YAH has remembered her crimes,give her back as much as she has given;pay her back double what she has done. Mix her a double portion from her own cup. Give her as much torture and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself."(Revelations 18:4-7)

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