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Reply to "Enrollments surge at historically black colleges amid rise in racial tensions"



It's about time that African American students (and their parents) [and other minority students] get it.



African American students (and their parents) need to use those countless hundred of millions/billions of dollars in student financial aid (and student loans) to support and BUILD-UP and MAKE GREAT HBCUs, and African and Carribean nations should stand in solidarity with African Americans by sending as many of their foreign exchange students to America's HBCUs.  

That is what it will take to make other colleges and universities re-think ignoring Black students and coddling racism and racist professors in their schools.  It will also channel enough funding to HBCUs to make them ALL state-of-the-art schools that attract excellent professors, instructors and staff.  

If Black preachers can bilk Black people out of billions dollars a year, right here in America, in Africa and the Caribbean, Black people have enough money to support, build and grow the largest and finest colleges and universities in America, on top of all the student financial aid and student loan money that far too many Black students keep giving to racist White colleges and universities.  

America's HBCUs should be turning out a army of doctors, lawyers, agriculturalists, scientists, psychologists/psychiatrists, accountants, financial experts, architects, and business men and women.  

This is something African America can do, and I hope this trend of increased enrollment in our HBCUs continues, and continues long enough and steady enough to grow America's HBCUs into the great, magnificent colleges and universities they are capable of being.