Reply to "Elijah Muhammad's Yakub Theory and the orign of caucasians"



Evolutionary changes that are persistent and lasting have occurred over thousands/millions of years- not hundreds..  Climate influences skin color and there are gradients of skin color existing throughout Africa affected by the proximity to the equator.  Even on a personal note, my skin gets lighter during winter months. 


The negation in your first sentence is unnecessary, NOI theology on the creation of the white man isn't offered as an alternative to any evolutionary process.  It speaks to a specific process that could be classified as a subset of a larger set. The theology itself speaks to genetic variations well before Yacub history begins.   Any discussion that sets up a Yacub vs. Natural evolutionary process is invalid IMHO for this reason. 


This subject is much more layered than many of us are prepared (or even interested in) acknowledging and as will most oversimplifications, important information is lost in the mix. 




While, I don't think the science regarding race variation is conclusive- I think it is better explanation than a myth.  Now, underlying the myth is the thought that someone purposefully breeded dark Africans in a way to produce white people, while possible, I do not find it plausible, because I do not know of any evidence that points to an author of genetic breeding over the course of thousands of years in Africa.  A possibility is not the same as truth.

Starting with the last sentence, I agree. However people in various disciplines approach scientific data intent on reading into the data things that are far beyond the scope of the particular model used to produce the data.  This creates its own set of issues in addition to "scientific literacy".


Possible and plausible.  A philosophical discussion for the ages    

The biographical history of modern scientific development is full of the implausible giving birth to new directions and insights.  To that end there are often bits a data (direct or inferred) that exist without any context for what it means, its potential impact or value...until later events take place.



least anyone think Im attempting to "protect" my religious indoctrination....that last paragraph is a description of the development of the computer and modern telecommunications.  





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