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Reply to "Elected Black Leaders, Lawyers, and a Dysfunctional Black Community More so Than Caucasians Disparage U.S. Citizenship Protections for U.S. born Blacks!"


Source:  "A Boycott Is Happening in Chicago—And This Time It Isn’t Teachers" uploaded by EbonyRose


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For decades, the public school system, especially as it relates to the inner-city, and in this instance Chicago, Illinois, have been substandard.   Thanks to the benevolence of other individuals, and organizations, there are other avenues, as you have so eloquently expressed for anyone, anywhere on the planet to acquire the skills necessary to compete in life without setting foot in the first "public school" classroom.


No matter what the subject matter, given a purpose for learning that will create the means for future self employment has its' merits of making it easier for black inner-city students to succeed!


The bottom line though, is that more must be done to keep the Black family structure intact, more must be done to improve the quality of life in the inner-city, and/or more must be done to enable Black parents to acquire the skills necessary to be gainfully employed. No matter how much money is earmarked for financing a public school system, unless the quality of life for all inner-city residents is improved, slim chance exists that the masses of inner-city children will ever succeed.

Originally Posted by Xumbrarchist:
Originally Posted by EbonyRose:
But ... my neighbor (who's been volunteering/advocating on behalf of the school around here bot the better part of forever!!+) said, "Oh hell no!!"  And to tell you the truth, I didn't even know what I was going to protest that night she dragged me out .. but we went to the school board meeting and ... I have to say ... It was just freakin' PITIFUL the way they were just planning to dismiss and disregard OUR children in favor of giving even MORE to kids who already had waaaaay too much!! 

Well I am not sure it is possible for kids to have way too much educationally but the technology has changed the cost of knowledge distribution.  What would have cost tens of millions only 20 years ago can probably be done for thousands today.


The problem now is how to maintain the educational sabotage.  But any strategy centers around the parents of the children being sabotaged not knowing technology.


The devices are extremely cheap for the power compared to only 10 years ago.


But what to load on them?




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