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Reply to "Elected Black Leaders, Lawyers, and a Dysfunctional Black Community More so Than Caucasians Disparage U.S. Citizenship Protections for U.S. born Blacks!"


Source:  "The Black Matrix: The Social and Psychological Warfare Against Black America" by Sunnubian , April 13, 2013


Indeed Norland,


Barnum and Bailey Circus was founded and kept financially  solvent on the premise that "A Fool is Born Everyday".


YouTube: "Black People Were Never Citizens Of Amerikkka" - Dr. Umar Johnson


Taking it  further, there are university educated black professors in this country who teach blacks to be stupid, teach them that they are not U.S. citizens, that U.S. born Black do not have any rights, or to accept nonsense that is not true, and the sad thing is that far too many U.S. born blacks accept this and are willing to finance ignorance at their own demise.  Any perpetrator guilty of stealing from blacks, The KKK, the Aryan Nation, Racist Caucasians, etc., etc., are probably "High Fiving" Dr. Omar Johnson, because swallowing the garbage being disseminated by Dr. Omar Johnson guarantees there will be no will to fight back, stand up for your own best interests, and will make it true that Black don't have rights, namely because the individuals who fit the description have given their own rights away by being submissive, gullible, weak, ignorant, un-American, etc.


Minister Louis Farrakhan, who heads the Nation of Islam, talks against Caucasians as being racist, and teaches this to other U.S. born Blacks.  Guess where this charlatan pseudo Black leader lives.   In a mansion in an affluent section of Chicago, Illinois neighborhood, very removed from "inner-city" Blacks.  Furthermore Louis Farrakhan is not a U.S. born descendant of slavery.


Danny Bakewell, Sr. also owns the Los Angeles "Yellow Journal" Sentinel.   The Los Angeles Sentinel has been and continues to be a worthless "Yellow Journal" newspaper.


On the West Coast, we have Danny Bakewell, Sr., and an assortment of poverty pimps, who express similar views.  Guess where poverty pimping Danny Bakewell, Sr., and the many charlatan no good sacrilegious preachers who have been stealing from Black Church congregations for years live?  In mansions in an affluent Caucasian neighborhood, very removed from the Black community.


Thus, the true heroes or honorable leaders in your life who truly deserve praise are the few and far between who truly stepped up to the plate.   This deserving of honor hero or leader could be a close family member, a good friend, one of the many unsung heroes in the Black community, even you or I.

Originally Posted by Norland:

Africa allowed her people to be kidnapped and made no provisions of any kind to take them back.  Nowhere on this planet other than Africa, would this have been allowed.  We're not where we belong and we're suffering that.  We've taken on the mannerisms of the slaveholders, hair, style, bleaching creams, crazy as fluck and we're owned hook, line and sinker.  We've become a bunch of African "White" people.  We're a sorry gang of misfits; no country, no respect.  A gang of "minorities"; "Lesser thans" is what we're called, and we're alright with that. 400 years of Caucasian terrorism and we call ourselves AFRICAN-AMERICANS.  Our mental issues cannot be solved in any way possible.  We're beyond help from any other human beings living on this planet.  We'll all be equal in death.  That's it!!