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Reply to "Elected Black Leaders, Lawyers, and a Dysfunctional Black Community More so Than Caucasians Disparage U.S. Citizenship Protections for U.S. born Blacks!"


RE:  “Which leaders speak for black America?” by David A. Love


RE:  YouTube: "Black People Were Never Citizens Of Amerikkka" - Dr. Umar Johnson


This is not 1865, and the Dread Scott decision has no bearing on what happens today.


The only enslavement that U.S. born Blacks face today is the obstacles that he or she place on themselves and/or any treasonous misfit from within the Black community itself who contributes to disparaging Constitutional protections, such as President Barack Obama, multiple members of the Congressional Black Clueless......AKA....the Congressional Black Caucus,  Clarence Thomas, Delores Odom Stocks, Attorney Elizabeth Harris, other sellout Black attorneys,  inept and dysfunctional elected Black leaders, anyone who trashes his or her own bests interests by swallowing the bad advice of any university educated fool.


Slim chance exists that any of these individuals, as it concerns Norland, Dr. Umar Johnson, any loud mouth and misguided Black nationalists talking against the merits of the Constitution and the value of American citizenship racing to relocate to any other part of the planet to make a living, to raise their families, relocating once and for all to leave the U.S. for Cuba, the Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, South Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Mexico, Kenya, Nigeria, North Korea, China, Japan, etc., etc.


The very individuals who did, namely Eldridge Cleaver, other members of the Original Black Panther Party, regretted it, and the ones who were lucky enough to return to the U.S., were so grateful to be allowed to re-enter the U.S. that these individuals virtually kissed U.S. soil.  


Provided an individual is competently represented the U.S. is still the greatest and most equitable nation on the planet.  


It would behoove anyone with any sense, who faces criminal indictment, who has any civil claim in any court or who is actually facing the music, and whose mission is to win, to ignore the misguided advice that trashes the value of the Constitution or the value of U.S. citizenship as represented by Dr. Umar Johnson, Norland, etc., etc., any university educated "fool" and fire any attorney, such as Attorney Elizabeth Harris, etc., etc., who places no value in Constitutional protections, or in competently representing a client. 


This would be your life, future, reputation, assets, family, or best interests at stake.  No one needs an additional adversary in the courtroom, as this relates to hiring any attorney who is a disgrace to the profession, and who is already against you, every second that he or she trashes the merits of Constitutional protections.  A hint to the wise should be sufficient. 


Since this is a nation of individual rights, and the freedom of speech is a first Amendment Constitutional protection if an American chooses to call his or herself a Tuvalu American, they have that right.


Originally Posted by Norland:

The Constitution was written by SLAVEHOLDERS.  Africans weren't on their minds when it was written.  All my days on this planet, I have never been referred to as an American.  I hear MINORITY (lesser than) all the time, and behind closed doors, I imagine it gets worse than that.  When the African goes wrong, it's not the AFRICAN who handles the situation, It's the CAUCASIAN.  Had we all been born in Japan or China, would we be calling ourselves African-Japanese or African-Chinese?  If we did, how dumb would we be and how dumb would we appear??  Just asking!!



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