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Reply to "Education: then and now, Thomas Sowell"

Reading for COMPREHENSION is fundamental.

I SAID FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE WHITE LIBERAL RACIST as long as the Black man does not express any notions of REAL INDEPEDENCE - such as the drive for REPARATIONS - then the Black man will remain in the good graces of the White Protective Liberal.
Yes, READING IS FUNDAMENTAL... And you have yet to show compentency in even the most rudimentary, pre-school level material.

The first thing you need to do is figure out who the fuck you're talking about.
At first you said: White Socialist leaning individuals
Now, you're trying to pawn off this BS idea (i.e. something you're more or less making up as we go) of:

First, let me say: TO HELL WITH YOUR BS "Who's The Better WHITE MAN Game."
I don't give a single, solitary fuck about either which a one. So try that dumb, "See Spot run" BULLSHIT somewhere else.

Now, for the record the label you stated how you use the term (Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentalist) because, according to you, it bears out "WITH THEIR EXPRESSIONS OF THEIR IDEOLOGY." In other words, you made it all about those BLPF's/BQSPF's and said, pretty directly, that not only do they not EXPRESS AN IDEOLOGY with sentiments of "Independence" but, more or less, accept a SUBORDINATE, dependent, lackey role with respect to WHITE SOCIALIST.

I know it's hard for you but basic logic says WHITE SOCIALIST does not equal WHITE LIBERALS. Even WHITE RACIST LIBERALS. You need to get you shit straight and stop PUNKING OUT when you get called on your BULLSHIT.

I mean, this shit is beyond pathetic. I mean look at this shit you said in the other thread:
You are a FUNCTION of White Folks Nmaginate.

You can't find yourself until the WHITE MAN makes his move.

In the equation "Y = -1 * X" You are the Y and you can't define yourself unti the White man's X has a value placed within.
Seriously, when you say BULLSHIT like that... all you are doing is saying YOU'RE NOT IN NMAG'S LEAGUE. Instead of having the stones to actually contend with or contradict what I actually say, you do some creative writing BS and make some shit up to soothe that FANTASTIC SAMS psychic spasms I must give you every time your BS is undercut with the logic, truth and reason that I present.

Yes! I still got your Wolf Tickets and I'm your MIRROR punk. And you know that.


Nothing but the SLAPPED B*TCH Syndrome. Always crying and LYING your ass off, trying to stop yet another beat down.
But, go ahead, and share with us the thoughts and ideas RACIST WHITE CONSERVATIVES have about people like you, Sowell, etc. This should be interesting since you want to explore the mind of WHITE [RACIST]. Go right ahead. Don't stop with the Ted Kennedy types... Talk about every single WHITE one of them with no respect to ideology. Don't be biased. Be bold and broad in your exploration or be the defeated, pathetic PUNK you are with this "Better WHITE MAN" BULLSHIT and this White Liberals Are Racist (Too) BULLSHIT as if you're presenting some type of revelation, with your WHITE ASS.

Now, I can find and have had discussions on-line with WHITE BOYS who have said everything you have, essentially. Right down to the "White Liberals This", "White Liberals That"... Now why is that, CON-Feed? Why is that "WHITE BOY"??