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Reply to "Education: then and now, Thomas Sowell"

Reading for COMPREHENSION is fundamental.

I SAID FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF THE WHITE LIBERAL RACIST as long as the Black man does not express any notions of REAL INDEPEDENCE - such as the drive for REPARATIONS - then the Black man will remain in the good graces of the White Protective Liberal.

When Ted Kennedy is "attacking the system" on behalf of the BQPF he is a friend who will help them acheive their goals WITHIN THE SYSTEM ITSELF.

When the issue of REPARATIONS comes about it is TED KENNEDY that is PART OF THE SYSTEM that Black people are demanding funds (and other initiatives) from. Black people want the FUNDS because of the past actions of the country in which this country OWES BLACKS these funds and thus BLACK PEOPLE CAN SPEND THIS MONEY AS THEY PLEASE. This causes a CONFLICT with White Liberals. This shows Blacks as seeking to come out from under their protectorate and express SELF DETERMINATION.

These liberal Whites will get the loyal Black Democrats to keep the rebels in line. They will remind them of all that the party has done for "you people". They will tell them how bad the Republcians have treated them and ask if Blacks would really withstand the onslought of attacks by Republicans without the help of the White Liberal that is providing guidance.

The White Liberal must remind Blacks how weak we are and are in need of them.
They can never allow Black people to form a vision of the future in which Black people, having constructed our own economic, military and cultural power NOW STAND AS EQUALS WITH THEM

The Black Quasi-Socialist Progressive Fundamentals knows that just as China standing tall is a threat to America, if Black people were to order ourselves in a similar manner WE would be seen as a threat to the 'king of the hill', America.

Today so many in the BQPF community have assimilated and they sound just like a xenophobic capitalist when it comes to protecting the American economy from foreign competition for jobs.