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Reply to "Education: then and now, Thomas Sowell"

Originally posted by HonestBrother:
The key difference - which you have characteristically failed to note - is that white conservatives have a long history of active antagonism against black interests. Remember that Ronald Reagan began his first presidential campaign where? Ever hear of Philadelphia, Mississippi? For the bonus, do you know the only thing that town is famous for?

Keep learning. You might amount to something yet, boy.


I have posted the TEXT AND VERSE OF HIS WORDS several times and asked anyone to detail for me the RACISM in his speech there.

They all resort to the SYMBOLISM angle in which a visit to Philly MS is RACIST.

I went to an Indian Gaming casino in that city. THERE ARE SEEMINGLY NOW MORE BLACKS LIVING IN THIS CITY THAN WHITE. Is it RACIST for me to go there?



Black people have had a problem with RACIST White people not just "CONSERVATIVE whites".

Thomas Jefferson was a LIBERAL AND A RACIST to the core. Woodrow Wilson paved the way for child labor laws and the early framework for Social Security. FDR locked up all Japanese in this country.

The harm done to us by Liberal Whites who on the inside don't believe that Black people are their equals and who offer abundant help just as our muscles as a people are getting strong enough to power us on our own seek to MAINTAIN THEIR INFLUENCE UPON US and prevent us from CONSTRUCTING A PROCESS FOR PROBLEM SOLIVING ON OUR OWN.

These people who come with TOO MUCH HELP because of their racist notions that we are not capable are as harmful as those who don't give any because of their racism.

The native Americans thought that the blankets that were given to keep them warm was a jesture of GOODWILL.