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Reply to "Education: then and now, Thomas Sowell"

Black children are just as academically capable, smart, and competent as other children, but because they are Black, they are often times treated differently than other children, particularly in academic environments.

Are you saying that Dr. Sowell said otherwise (with respect to the first phrase of your response)?

Who are these people who are treating Black kids differently than these "OTHER CHILDREN"?

As our public school increase their REsegregation they are more likely to sit next to other Black kids and increasingly be taught by Black teachers.

I can speak from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE about how more than 20 years ago when I was in high school I had the dual roll of being in the "Rapid Track" in my high school AND being the starting center on my high school basketball team. My team mates who were NOT in the "rapid" group resented the fact that the coach put me in the starting spot rather than "THEIR BOY" who was more down with them. This conflict was more evidence of the general resentment between the group of students who had AP classes and those who didn't take their education as seriously.

The funny thing is the guy who they wanted to start in my place was KICKED OFF OF THE TEAM after about 3 games after a series of disciplinary infractions both in the classroom and during practice.

I WAS A VICTIM OF "DIFFERENT TREATMENT". I have been dealing with pressures "to be SMART or COOL" all of my academic career.

Our 10 year H.S. reunion showed me how fortunate I was to have the parents that I did to guide me. Many of these same "big men on campus" in the context of high school and the MENTALITY that runs throughout had seemingly been "pimp smaked" by life's realities.

In hindsight I came to the understanding that our team had so many INTERNAL BATTLES among each other that no one provided leadership and had us to fight for the common goal of winning for the entire team which would have allowed each of us to bury our differences and celebrate our common success. This message board has many of the same disfunction that I saw on my high school basketball team. Rather than addressing some clear failures of the "team" many of you would rather heap blame on a few people, tearing them down rather than putting forth some EFFECTIVE strategies for WINNING the race.

The state of academics in our community is metaphorically represented as a river which has massive pollution at it's estuary but which started from a clean spring at it's source. All of the pollution and contimination that was thrown into the river as it made it's way allowed it to become what it is today. Those who are SERIOUS about cleaning up the river will work to keep the water pure all along the way. Focusing on how 'your enemy' is contaiminating your river while you turn your head to the chemical waste that 'your friends' are putting in STILL LEADS TO A POLLUTED RIVER