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Can't believe this question was asked.. or that I'm in this thread... or that I'm about to reveal this.. but there is an Ed.D. program that I'm salivating over.. but may not serve me well ultimately.. It is unknown, in a field that is not well funded... the PhD programs are not as narrow or specific as I'd like... so I have sort of the same dilemma..

My goal is entrepreneurial... working with the overly bureaucratic educational system...

Ed.D. program I'm looking at, is specifically what I want but at a third tier school in a locale where I would not want to live... but is closer to where I want to live (MD)... I know no one who has graduated from this school either..... But I have good rapport with a couple of professors who just "get it"... but I aint tryna be broke after alladat either.. but this progam is put together in a way that allows me to gain the specific training I want...

PhD programs are top tier in NY and Boston, in a subject that would require too much piece-mealing together to be worth my time... and both are in locales where I do not want to live... though I have many friends who have attended both schools and give them high marks... I have yet to find any of the work their professors/departments engaged in as relevant to me... so I don't even have the desire to reach out... sck But if I graduated from there, I would have better job opportunities in the field I want to go into...


you know what? It may be just that American schools suck.. because Oxford has EXACTLY what I want ... and a few schools in Canada... I just don't want to move so far away... sck

Sister K,
You mention Oxford. Are there any other UK programs that have what you want. The reason I ask, is that the PhD from a good school in Britain may indeed be an option for you. The reason is that the PhD or DPhil is a research based degree. As such, there is little or no coursework, and often little or no residency requirement. That means that you do not have to relocate if you can spare say a 1-2 months abroad, perhaps not even that much. It really depends on the program and the adviser. I have a friend who is the University Chaplain at Princeton who got her PhD from the University of Bradford. She began it while she was Chaplain at Bucknell. She went abroad twice a year, once in the winter, the other in the summer, when students were not on campus.

Another possibility that might be a good fit: Union Institute and University. They are a distance learning school based in Ohio. They are not a University of Phoenix!!! They are fully accredited and some of their graduates wind up in respected institutions. The thing that most people do not understand about PhD's in most fields are that it is basically a mentor/mentee relationship. It is not so much the school, it is who your adviser is. With Union, they work through bringing you together with someone who is willing to serve as your adviser. This person is probably at another research university.

I know two people who got their degrees in this fashion who have been well received in academic and secular circles. They might no more, and you may want to contact either of them.

The first is Nancy Lynn Westfield
She is an associate professor of Religious Education at Drew University.

The second is Gary Dorrien, Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics at Union Theological Seminary, NYC

I remember another person, from my Chaplain days in Physical Education whose PhD is from Walden University, another distance program that may have a good rep. His information is below:

Thomas R. Johnson, Ph.D.

Department Position: Chair and Associate Professor

Years: 9

Educational History: B.A. Illinois State University - Health and Physical Education, State of Illinois Teaching Certificate - Secondary
M.A. Western Michigan University - Physical Education State of Michigan- Early Childhood Endorsement State of Michigan-Full Approval in Physical Education Program for the Handicapped State of Michigan Teaching Certificate- (Grades 7-12)
M.A. Western Michigan University-Educational Leadership Ph.D. Walden University - Education

Classes Taught @ Albion: Teaching of Elementary Physical Education; Teaching of Secondary Physical Education; Adapted Physical Education; Secondary School Health; Materials in Health Education; Movement, Physical Activity and the Classroom Teacher; Motor Learning; First Aid; Beginning Golf; Movement is Universal; Directed Studies; Seminar; Independent Study; Internships; Student Teacher Supervision; Departmental Honors Thesis Advisor; Student Academic Advisor.

Personal Interests: Golf, Early childhood Development; travel; history; sports; Eagle Scout; Honorary member of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

Campus Address: Office 213 Dow

Campus Phone: 517-629-0439