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Reply to "Ebola Outbreak: The Latest U.S. Govt Lies. The Risk Of Airborne Contagion?"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:
Originally Posted by Momentum:

I read some time ago about ten people got infected with it because they handled a dead body, in that part of the world they wash the deceased and kiss the dead.  


People certainly do that here as well.  


I don't understand why no one is telling people in Liberia that theyreally, really need to cremate anyone who has died from Ebola.  


Right now, they are merely burying these infected bodies, where the virus is merely going to linger in the ground until some heavy rain or some insects, worms or burrowing animals begin to feast on the corpses, and these same insects, worms and borrowing animals will eventually be above ground, spreading the disease even more or cause the disease to resurface after it's been contained.  


And, any disease that can be caught from someone sneezing or coughing, means it is Airbourne.  

News hypes the Ebola Virus, I agree it is airborne if someone sneezes on you but what do I really know LOL I'm no expert. But I recall when the Spanish Flu broke out back in the early 1900's sometime after WW1 50, 80, 100 million died and maybe 500 million world wide got infected. If Ebola was truly airborne like the Spanish flu there would be more than a few 3 or 4 thousand dead. 


We are so lucky the common cold is not deadly, millions of people catch it some people get it 2 to 3 times a year. Ebola is not airborne in the sense of flus or colds are and we are so lucky because Ebola has a 90% kill rate. If Ebola spread anything like the flu or cold viruses it would be 100's of thousand or more dead.