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Reply to "Ebola Outbreak: The Latest U.S. Govt Lies. The Risk Of Airborne Contagion?"

Taking health care for granted for centuries in America and caring more about politics the social construct of racism and making money more than caring for it's citizens is why the US has this dire Ebola situation now on its hands.

It didn't matter which hospital in the United States Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan was in because the same safety and protocol procedures (if they had or enforced them) would be violated that has this nurse potentially exposed.

To America "Ebola is Africa's problem, not our US".


That's how we think mentally and collectively as a nation of careless Americans because we never consider or are really concerned about what's really happening in the rest of the world.


"What's in it for us and if not, then the hell with it"


That's America's mentality.


We consider ourselves the greatest nation ever in the history of the world and that's why we make so many glaring dumb and stupid mistakes because we as a nation, don't pay close attention to anyone else in the world and their pressing issues that may directly affect us because we deemed others who aren't Americans as a nation and a people, inferior to us while we are the world's biggest hypocrites.

Example: Before 9-11, Americans collectively never gave a single thought or worry about terror and terrorism even though all the glaring signs were there.

After 9-11 happened, total shock, confusion, mayhem and panic from President Bush on down that knee jerked us into an illegal war and the negative residuals (Al Qadea, ISIS and rebuilding Iraq) we own and can't get away from.


ISIS and US lead allied coalition air strikes are destroying Iraqi buildings and infrastructure while at the same time, American tax payers are paying in the multi-millions annually to rebuild Iraqi buildings and infrastructure that's currently being destroyed.

Security was tight everywhere at every entry and exit point in the US immediately and months after 9-11. As the years went by with the Iraq War still waging, Americans as usual, got comfortable once again and started moaning and complaining about the airport safety and security procedures.

"My personal space and privacy is being violated by the TSA". "Why do I have to take off my shoes"? Why do I have to get padded down"? "Why do I have to go through the airport X-Ray screener?"......bitch, bitch. bitch.


"I'm an American! I'm not a terrorist!"

The TSA, screening protocol, process and procedures, personal privacy violation being questioned and millions of complaint issues that goes on to this very day as terrorists wages war all around us.

America always panics first and then once again, gets too comfortable while complaining and bitchin' all the time about why we aren't safe.

Big reason for that isn't the government but because of us.

That's why Ebola is here and we don't have any answers.

Our entire medical institution is not ready; unprepared and untrained all across the nation.

No hospital anywhere in the US (doctors, nurses, emergency services personnel, medical staff personnel etc) are properly trained and/or up to date on the management and treatment of Ebola because there has never been a case of Ebola in America that was relevant until 3 weeks ago with Thomas Eric Duncan and now this infected nurse.

You hear all these medical experts and pundits on TV (watched that idiot CDC director in the photo on Sunday) since this nurse contracted Ebola trying to explain away how and why the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital screwed up and trying to say what they would have done differently but they also aren't managed or properly trained either in Ebola safety, security and protocols.


They don't have a clue and very same would happen to them wherever they practice medicine in the US.

Ebola is here in the US, it's known by all and how long do you think it will take the entire medical community across the nation to properly train with technical and physical hands on "buddy system" training of EVERY medical personnel to handle Ebola?........Not months but years.


That nurse who treated Thomas Eric Duncan and got affected with Ebola took off her protective suit all by herself.


Why wasn't the "buddy system" used and/or why wasn't there an Ebola decontamination team/unit present?

Is Ebola taught in our medical schools as a top priority?

Hardly....But it will now.

America is too lazy, spoiled, complacent, loves to point fingers and too desensitized to care until it smacks us directly in the face.

Just like 9-11, America once again, just got smacked in the face because we live in denial and refuse to pay close attention.

That's what happening right now with Ebola's entry into the United States.....It's here, it's going to spread and it's not going away.


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