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Reply to "Eastern Monarch Butterflies May Be At Risk Of Extinction Within 20 Years"

Kocolicious posted:

Sista Norland wrote:  Eventually, something's going to arrive in the world and make PEOPLE extinct.


  That something did arrive:  Massa and his boys.  And they've been trying to make black people extinct every since they discovered us. Ha!  They discovered us and we've been here longer than them.  What a hoot.   But!

I hate to sound racist, but its the truth.  

There really has been nothing but death and destruction of civilizations and the environment since Europeans rose to power in this world.  

You can start with the Native American buffalo and go from there  around the globe. and all you see is the destruction of Rain Forests, natural vegetation, rivers, lakes, streams, and animals hunted, poisoned or driven to extinction along with not only the bees, but even the butterflies as well.

That, along with denaturing the human food supply with hybridization, man-made chemical poisons and toxins, and GMOs, which poisons and denatures the entire food chain for both humans and animals. 

This is not even counting all of the civilizations that have been destroyed, displaced, and driven into extinction, starting with the Stolen Legacy, colonization and enslavement of Africans.  

Nor is it counting all of the accumulated toxic nuclear waste that has/is being placed in secret, and unknown, and undocumented locations, or all of the non-degradable garbage and waste over-flowing in landfills and being shipped to "third-world" countries to poison those environments as well.  

If you didn't know better, you would think that they were on a mission to destroy the entire planet, starting with the entire environment and the human population along with it.

European aggression, imperialism and greed driven destruction is what is going to destroy humanity

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