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Reply to "Dr King vs. Malcolm X"

Except for his one flaw--worshipping that black rock in Mecca.
And ONE MAJOR FLAW of yours is your UNENLIGHTENED views. It takes more than just cliches', popular surmises and quotes from someone OTHER than the subject (Malcolm X) himself to establish the point you thought you would make without it being scrutinized.

"He was a man who was ever evolving, always growing."

And George Bush has arguably "evolved" too. But that says nothing about the state, direction or essence of that "evolution."

Please.... GET A CLUE!

Oh... and I await your links and references that detail how Malcolm X "softened" his core views and was somehow less Radical or less than Radical after Mecca.

I'd like to see you RECONCILE that with the fact that he was "cut down" before he could unite with Martin.

Please grace us with what you have found on this question/issue in all you great study and research.