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Reply to "Dr King vs. Malcolm X"

Who is to say the Malcolm of then would still be the same today.
Who is to say that he would not be "the same" and would not hold to the very positions he professed... as opposed to commericialized BS people want to believe.

As far as this:
It was said that he was ready to start associating with the more main stream civil rights groups and leaders.
You only complicate your very own views about his supposed disengaged, FUCK THE GOV'T stance. Please GET A CLUE!

Unwitting as it may have been, CON-Feed tried to help you (as he tried to redirect the thread with his Malcolm = Judas reference). The whole public life of Malcolm X was one of activism and a desire on his part to be directly involved in "Black Politics". You might have been safe to say the NOI (under Elijah Muhammad) was of the "fuck the government... We don't need them" variety. But Malcolm was a political being, first, foremost and always.

And ummm.... Being MAINSTREAM is inconsistent if it is your view that CON-Feed typifies what Malcolm believed. That is unless you're saying CON-Feed and Black CONservativism is, oddly, within the Black Political Mainstream.

As for MLK and how readily or easily he would "associate" with either party, first, consider his "disappointment" with White Moderates/Liberals as expressed in his Letter From A Birmingham Jail and then reflect on this:

  • "I'm worried and concerned. I've been working hard all my life to promote the cause of integration. Now that integration is beginning to happen... have I led my people to join a sinking ship?" - MLK

  • Malcolm X: You don't integrate with a sinking ship. You don't do anything to further your stay on board a ship that you see is on its way down to the bottom of the ocean...

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