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Reply to "Dr King vs. Malcolm X"

There is no versus...

First, MidLifeMan---Get enlightened a sellout is not a "Tom" a "Sambo" is a snitch and a sellout to his people.

Malcolm X started off a radical within the womb of the NOI, but softened after seeing the many, many faces of Islam upon his pilgramage to Mecca.

It is impossible to post-determine what his pre-determined politics might have been.

He was on his way to unite w/Martin and company before he was cut down -- "Unstoppable Conversation" -- featuring Ossie Davis, Melvin Van Peebles, Sr and Gordon Parks revealed this fact.

Dr. King was in fact a communist, adulturer, and plagarist--so it is hard to say where his political sentiments would stand today, as well.


PS--Malcolm X had some pretty harsh verbal indictments against Martin Luther King -- but he (Malcolm) did repent and was pictured shaking Martin's hand and having a civil conversation with him.

He also attended that private meeting {mentioned above} at Harry Bellafonte's home.

At that meeting he expressed his desire to become a catalyst and catapult the 'civil rights movement' forward in the best way he knew how...he was killed a month later!

Someone peeped the dynamics of Malcolm and Martin and ended the merge before it became reality.

I've often pondered why--after much research and study--and I have come to the conclusion that "Martin was marred" by virtue of his nefarious deeds inspite of his praise and worship of Jesus {i.e. don't know if he recognized the true essence of Iseyu, Akan name for mis-litereated Greek version of Jesus} and "Malcolm was blinded" by virtue of his denial of Jesus and worship of that black rock in Mecca....



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