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Reply to "Dr King vs. Malcolm X"


We've already been down this road with CON-Feed.
Does anyone else find it a bit odd that some would now try to call Malcolm X (and other black historical leaders) "conservative" when, as in Malcolm's case, he argued for revolution - an overthrow of the social, political, economic, and cultural foundations of the country?

Now what exactly about that is "conservative"?
To your question, with respect to BOTH MLK and Malcolm X, neither would come down on CON-Feed's side. Neither were so narrow in their views. Both men held a degree of BOTH ideas -- those narrowly framed as "liberal" and "conservative".

Those terms essentially have no meaning in that they do a disservice by trying to pigeonhole either of those Black philosophical traditions withing a White Left vs. Right construct. Those terms simply don't convert nor can either MLK or Malcolm X be "convert" into one of those ridiculous and IRRELEVANT terms.

Please refrain from the "they're both dogs" arguments. Matter of fact, please reference THE WHOLE (not just one aspect - to misrepresent and misappropriate) of MLK's and Malcolm X's arguments and views.

Neither of them were as scared of White people (scared of challenging the system) as CON-Feed is.

CON-Feed is an ideological Test-Tube Baby. His school of non-thought has no organic history or background in any respectable African/African-American tradition.

And just in case his Test-Tube Baby a$$ wants to comment on this thread, please have him (and you can if you want to) direct his comments towards this:
"You can't have racism without capitalism. If you find antiracists, usually
they're socialists or their political philosophy is that of socialism."

Look it up. Ponder on that for a while. Let it percolate then holla back and tell me how that BS (Malcolm beleived that blacks should do for themselves which I believe is what ConFed is usually preaching.)

But then again you apparently had problems telling the difference (the Distinctions with a pronounced Difference) between Spike Lee and Bill Cosby. sck
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