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Reply to "Don't Buy This War"

what the problem is?

The war.

More specifically, the escalation. (President Obama's second Afghanistan escalation in his term so far. Not sure how many he promised, and I really don't care, either.)

Just to be clear, I voted by absentee ballot. I looked at it pretty carefully before sending it in, and nowhere on the ballot did I see any fine print binding me by any promises made by any political candidates (even those who I might vote for), whether to support the war or even to support civil unions for that matter. Neither do I recall the Democratic Party or any of its candidates warning us not to vote if we have any disagreements with any of their positions. Never was I instructed by anybody during the actual campaign that by voting I incur an obligation to help fullfill Noah's prophesey of apathy and inaction.

Indeed, the particular candidate that I voted for for president said just the opposite. He said that "we are the people who we have been waiting for". This was a broad theme of his campaign (and quite a radical theme at that, for a mainstream candidate!) that goes much further fhan the details of any specific policy position on any one issue.

He asked for our involvement. Our voices. Our action. Not just for our votes. He didn't ask for followers. He made no claims to being the massiah. And he never referred his campaign promises as scripture. 

Remember LBJ, who faced a similar decision during his own Presidency, and who also opted for escalation.

Is this the legacy that we want for President Obama?

Because the choice, and the responsibility, is ours. We will decide by our own actions.

We are the people who we have been waiting for.