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Reply to "Don't Buy This War"

Quote by Yemaya: "But I'm not going to sign that petition, its pointless".

Pointless is absoluty right.

During his Democratic & Presidential campaign, candidate Obama stated that he was going to concentrate on and fight the war in Afghanistan and steadily downside & end the war in Iraq so he is doing exactly what he said that he was going to do.

But as usual, Americans tends to have the same ole' mental problems that seems to get and keep the U.S. in trouble; a very short memory and attention span when things are "going well" and a lack of a heightened sense of security, years after the significant event occurred, 9-11, when everybody in the U.S. was straight scared: nervous, shittin' and peein' in their pants when the planes hit the Twin Towers, not knowing what was going to happen the next minute and following days and months to come.....

But it seems that after years of beefed-up security and no terrorists event (under the old administration, despite all the mistakes and bad decisions made) in this country to rival the event of 9-11, Americans have once again gotten back into the usual cycle: being complacent, lazy, complaining, and angry at the idea of continuing to exert constant pressure on the Taliban and Al Qaeda (who have not let up off the gas and the ideals in their efforts to attack America again).

And since many Americans now have a false sense of feeling "safe and secure" once again, only 8+ years after 9-11, it's now not worth the continued time & effort to continue to fight against the terrorists who are hoping that President Obama does exactly what many Americans are hoping for: close shop & pull completely out of Afghanistan, leaving the Taliban, Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden all alone to continue to build, train, politic & plot against America and plan another terrorists attack (s).

Why do we keep doing this?

It reminds me when 9-11 happened and the airlines added stricter rules (armed soldiers in airports, tougher screening processes etc) and for several weeks, all was OK until people started to complain, be their usual spoiled selves and bitch about my space being violated, the extra time, "I'm tired" "my time is being wasted" and the inconvenience of it all.

Now Americans want to do the exact same thing in this situation. Just leave Afghanistan and the terrorists alone (it costs too much) and maybe they will just leave us alone.

Reality check:

(1). We're paying billions yearly to operate the military anyway, whether were at peace or at war so being too expensive and problamatic is a non-issue.

(2). Soldiers will die and be wounded in war. Has been and always will be that way. There are and have been no wars with "zero" killings.

(3). The Americans complaining and wanting to pull out are the usual coward azz, Monday morning chicken hawks (just like VP Chaney and mostly all D.C. politicans) who don't have the intestinal fortitude or nerve to don a military uniform and defend this country.

(4). Any and all military war strategies and planning are bad plans; the lesser of two evils so there is no perfect plan to eradicate terrorism but you have to choose one and implement it.

(5). The Taliban and Al Qaeda don't take scheduled vacations and their intended focus is not different than it was with the 9-11 attacks.

(6). If their is another terrorist attack on American soil after all the soldiers are safe at home, killing thousands of American citizens somewhere in the U. S., (maybe someone you know) then what do you have to say?

Anyway you look at and no matter how you spin it, it’s all jacked up but what choice do we have? Al Qaeda and the Taliban have not changed their original focus and the President said it best in his Nobel speech: " sometimes in order achieve peace, wars must be fought" and this is exactly where we are and have been in this situation for years.

With terrorism, there is no allied nations Vs nations war fighting and an agreed to, shake hands, signed peace treaty, with the confirmed ending winner and the loser, on a battleship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean or a government building in the U.S. or anywhere else in the world Those days are over and the President, in today's terrorist climate, must continue to move forward.

And even when combat operations and the fighting diminishes, we will still have military personnel in both Iraq & Afghanistan, accompanying/ training alongside their soldiers, on a never-ending rotational basis, for many decades to come.

America is, and forever will be, stuck with this reality.