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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

Unfortunately, the fact that this nation is 70% percent white and only 13% black means we--now just like then--don't have the luxury of ignoring white perception no matter how off-base it may be.
I would like to seriously explore that...

I do think you have to answer what kind of traction the CRM was getting "before" Malcolm X and the more radical elements came on the scene.

Where was it going then? What were the overriding White "perceptions" of MLK when White America was dismissive or unaware of Malcolm X? Was MLK received well then?

You seem to be historically astute and whether you attribute anything to Malcolm X or not, historically speaking, what accounts for how slow things went prior to the "radical" voices emerging?

See, my main, point here is that compartmentalizing is a White/Western/European concept and application. A more authenic Black/African one is akin to the Chinese Yin/Yang. So called competing force work together "for the good". This is essentially the point that I think both MBM and I make, though with perhaps different emphasis.

And... it's not about IGNORING White perceptions... but surely you cannot believe that by basing what you do on their "perceptions" especially the wild and crazy ones that you are not in effect "compromising" - i.e. limiting - your position. Sorry, but I don't believe in that kind of second-class citizenship nor will I advocate for it. You might not agree with that characterization but, honestly, tell what that is, in your opinion?

The SECOND HOLOCAUST??? Is this some speculative paranoia or what?

Yeah... were should live out of constant fear of genocide... That's why we don't have the "luxury"... THEY'LL KILL US!

Hmmm... I haven't seen, especially now, the traditional Civil Rights stance really engender any change in that mentality of theirs. Matter of fact, what's to say the SECOND HOLOCAUST isn't underway now because we know White people are tired of us "whining"...

  • We can't talk about REPARATIONS cause White people don't like that...
  • Now we got to give up Affirmative Action cause White people don't like that...
  • We'll continue to be subject to institutional racism cause you can't expect White people to do anything about that...

    That really makes a lot of sense now that you say it! Roll Eyes Really... it does! winkgrin

    Seriously... What does taking that posture do for us?
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