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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

MBM, you are correct in pointing out that what I said is what the conservatives say, but you should also be mindful that I am no fool and I can understand the duality of all problems. I personally disagree with Negro Conservatives not because they are wrong but because they give a free pass to white folk and see Black men and women as the creators of our own problems and do not see the shared responsibility in correcting the problems that we face. We have both external and internal ills, which translate into ills that were the doing of our own and those that were the cause of other people mainly white people.

That's a key observation, FAHEEM.

I'm inclined to call them the BootLeg Self-Reliance Advocates or whatever terms they like but they are the BOOTLEG version of what Malcolm X, NOI, BPP, etc. were actually doing, have done, and continue to do in the very communities of ours that they so castigate.

I haven't heard of a B-Con independently established school(s). PLENTY of those "played out" Black Nationalists, including the NOI did in fact set up BLACK schools and didn't ask "The White Man" for jack... but both their "liberal" and "conservative" brethren could care less especially then and haven't indicated beyond rhetoric that they are remotely interested in "having our own" schools as an expression of "personal responsibility"

They talk that shit about "not expecting The White Man to do anything for us" and how that doesn't make any sense... OH!! but they revel in his institutions. AND I FEEL LIKE if their so smart and so into Black people not asking for "hand-outs" WHERE ARE THEY ON THE AGENDA for building our own institutions, putting their money, resources and efforts towards that end. They say accepting stuff that's "given" to us more or less fails to build good Black character then what's up with accepting both the intellectual and institutional "hand-out" of a "White" education (public or f~ckin' private) when we should be "personally responsible" for ourselves?

BTW... For WhiteHEADs like this Toussaint character... the "Black" lingo for "personal responsibility" is "DO FOR SELF" and there are a few others but like you said... if you sound like, [look like, and act like] someone White then sobeit!

I guess that explains the narrow scope of the "hand-outs" you are against. I guess some in certain instances are okay, huh?

I haven't heard of a B-Con (established NATIONWIDE) Ministry that go into prisons and transform and turn brothers lives away from a life of crime to one of "personal responsibility"... I acknowledge the traditional CHristian ministries but I think FAHEEM's observations about the strict moral "requirements" and the obligatory community focused revitalization not to mention the self-sufficient Black businesses that are proffered through the NOI, etc.

When the NOI organized to patrol drug-dealer-infested communities in D.C. (publicized on BET some 10-15 years ago) I never heard of them getting any support verbally or otherwise from the B-Con's.... hmmm... I wonder why??

That is what they are about right? Trying to clean up "our act"... conspicous by their absence on all too many fronts...

FRONTS... That's a good word. BOOTLEGGING FRONTS! - aka The B-Con All-Stars!!