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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

MX wasn't exactly leading marches or doing book signings (where MLK was stabbed).
All the speeches Malcolm X did at all the various colleges, etc...

That doesn't equate to "exposing" himself?
THe trip to Mecca and Africa?

C'mon... We just need to stop this madness.

Now, as for Blacks brandish guns, etc. I have offered the Deacons For Defense, let alone the BPP... And if anyone wants to dismiss them (particularly the BPP) as irrational radical hot-heads then all I have to say is that they would be without a doubt either someone who is very ignorant or someone whose reflexive favor of Dr. King blinds them in a damn near elitist classism to what the positive responses and contributions of ALL our people were at that time. Responses that came from where they were... and what they felt they had to deal with.

Again, does anyone honestly believe that a Black man anywhere in America especially one that spoke out in any kind of voice against [White] America was "safe" or "safer" based on local? If so, all they really need to study is the history of the BPP. Fred Hampton & Mark Clark in Chicago (that's in the North right)...

That was in 1969 when things were "better"...

It's actually a contradictory notion that, "No! Advocating violence would mean disaster!" Then trying to say those that didn't actually faced more violence.... huh??

Now we know what N-V-P-R "exposed" brother Martin and his 'followers' to but you also can't ignore the "miltancy" SNCC, etc. and, again, the DEACONS and how it seems none of that jeopardized the Movement in acheiving what it did and, by Black "popular" conception helped forced the hand or rather forced [White] America to choose between our Wolf and our Fox.

I think Malcolm's critique of that situation was accurate... just like White America is choosing and "propping up" the B-Con's as the "rational" Black leadership against the traditional CR Leadership... It was the Black "liberal" CR Leadership that was chosen because they required less - i.e. were the Lesser of The TWO Black "Evils".

It just "so happens now" that the B-Con's don't demand anything from White people even while by the most radical standards of the "miltants" the traditional CR Leadership require very little then and now... ultimately.

I think KEVIN used an analogy on another thread that if a man that stole so much of your money (or worth) then by circumstances of a confrontation, violent or not, was obliged to return a fraction of it... what really victory have you gained and what real sacrifice has he made in taking a peacemeal, "incremental" approach to returning what is/was already rightfully yours.

The effect alone of being without those possessions for the length of time is actually a greater loss than that actual value of what was "taken".

It's like the concept in (NBA/college) basketball that commentators like to speak about
in terms of a ... say 5 pt "TURNAROUND" when say... the Black team by circumstances within the game by hook or crook "loses" [1] they're own opportunity to score say what would have be an old fashion 3pt-play because of a controversial "offensive" foul called on them that set and emotional down-tone that changed the immediate complexion of the game and "allowed" the White team to say... score an easy basket in the lane for 2 quick pts. right after the controversial play because they went right at the player on the Black team that got into foul trouble and couldn't play his normal aggressive defense for fear of fouling out...

Now... no amount of a "make-up" call after-the-fact can bring back the
[1] momentum the Black team had prior to the controversial call;
[2] the actual points the BLACK team would have had;
[3] the more aggressive play via the disadvantageous foul situation of the... shall I say, SHOT BLOCKER and offensive Low-Post, SHAQ-like BLACK player (I'm not sure but I think someone here once said MX = Shaq and MLK = Kobe...)

Anyway... That's enough of my allegorical, metaphorical, explanatorical Big Grin, rethorical take...

(so now... MBM, is this evaluation of how "success" a 'player' on a team is just based on sure stats or the actual circumstances of the game in order to properly assess their "effectiveness" in an absolute sense to the "team effort"...)

Alright don't start that back up again... what was I thinking of??? ---->>> giveup Big Grin

There's a world of difference between truth and facts.
Facts can obscure truth.
- Maya Angelou