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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

I am aware that to sit in a restaurant and allow someone to beat, you, spit on you and spray you with water hoses require some discipline but how does such discipline become self discipline, something we are in more need of today than ever in our history. How did allowing ourselves to be brutalized in hopes of appealing to the morality of the most immoral people on the earth give us any discipline. Yes, it eventually convinced them that treating us like that was wrong but it also said to them they just need to put on a different face and use covert racism instead of overt racism. Getting the hell beat out of you is not doing for self.

Do you not see that all you have stated as being MLK objectives required us to do absolutely nothing and required everything from white folks, do you not see the side affects of such a movement is one of dependency? I am not concerned with Elijah Muhammad wives and children no more than I am concerned with MLK womanizing ways; both are irrelevant to this discussion. We are discussing what they taught and the end result of such teaching. What was your purpose in mentioning those two Jews that died, it is unfortunate that the Jewish community has shoved those two men down our throat while so many Black men and women that were killed and disappeared in the night doing the same damn thing they were doing if not more goes unrecognized. Those two dying was no more important than any other person except that they were Jews something we are constantly reminded of.

I definitely believe that there is something in contrast to both of these men religious belief that made their movements and those who were with them different. One required more self discipline while the other required very little if any at all. What do you think is the end result or the message in that? What does my personal belief's have to do with this discussion and my views on these two men? Are you suggesting because I am a Muslim, I am more likely to side with Malcolm? Does this mean because you are a Christian you are more likely to side with MLK?

Why are you stating what some would argue? What would you argue? Such an argument as we must work with white folk need to be defined, are we working with them as equal free men and women or are we their subordinates. Negroes appear to be scared of real freedom one that is not dependent on white folks for anything, one that require us to do more for ourselves than they do for us.

I recognize the work of MLK and all those who died with him but what I am saying to you is that today the end result of their work in relation to our current condition is one of failure. You can take that or let it alone. The CRM movement did not empower Black men and women to do for self, it forced integration down out throats and destroyed black businesses and schools and was the antecedent to a form of dependency and traitorous behavior unlike their has been in our history before. If you say this is spitting on the grave of those that died, I say oh well, I think those that died could not see the end result of their action and did what they did in hopes of a different result. I say what I say standing here in a time where the end result of their work is manifested to say to you that their work has not made the black man and woman free, nor has it made us a more disciplined people.

If the ends justify the means, has the work of MLK and CRM been justified, does our present day condition confirm such. I am aware of all the social change that has happen since the hay day of the CRM but because the people involved in such were not prepared and disciplined to do for self and have love for self and not depend on white folk the condition we have to day is the end result thus to me this says the ends does not justify the means, Solomonic I believed asked are we better off today than we were then. Sure we are better off as far as white folks killing and lynching us, but because no self discipline was taught we have become the killers, the dope dealers and the lynch men thus helping white folks with what they started.

Where would we be without MLK, I don't know. We could ask where we would be without any of those that have fought for us in the past, and it will not change how things are today, so your hypothetical question can only be answers with something that also is hypothetical and we do not live in a world of what ifs; we live in the real world.

My view of Malcolm's legacy can be extrapolated from what I have written in this thread as my view of MLK legacy can be extrapolated from what I have written.

Also Malcolm was not doing marches and book signing but he was speaking all over this country, and at many institutions of Higher learning. Do not make it appear as if Malcolm was hidding behind some bush and MLK was not, white folks knew that they could say and do things to MLK that they could never do and say to Malcolm.

"We got to organize ourselves, We got to mobilize and there can't be no confusion in our collective solution, If not for ourselves, then for our kids, because we know who our enemy is!"

DPZ "for the hood"

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem