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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

I'm done MBM...

Take off all the things that let you get offended and please accept and consider what I had to say or extract whatever is there that addressed your curiosity... There was some there.

I've definitely addressed what I think gives MX esteem...

And to your point who would ever deny MLK's contribution. I said I feel no reason to choose and therefore do not devalue or take away from MLK. SO YES!! (since you must here it... when you say "so what?" to my questions... hmmm...)

MLK's strategy can be attributed to what we have today... I'm still trying to see how that squares with what you said... "AT THE END OF THE DAY!!"

Now what about TOMORROW??
.... insert that old Winans cd w/ song by that title...

PEACE bruh! Smile