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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

Which Malcolm do you refer to?
That would be a better question for you to answer, MBM.

BLACK MILITANCE... U.S. gov't response? What's the response to the "sons" of King today? (Jesse and Al)

C'mon, MBM. Look at the REALITY now.

Why won't you own your bias?

Can you not see that using that measure of what the societal rewards - aka "probable government response" - for "black miltance" and then question the idea of why King gets a bad rap because his strategy is perceived as "White accomodation"... is to answer the question yourself and engage in the very practice you feel is mis-perceived as such.

So, are we to only choose methods that White folk like and "compromise" with terrorism or have at least some principles that are categorically not up to discussion, alteration, adjustment or COMPROMISE?

It's not about what they will do! It's not about VIOLENCE! It's about UNCOMPROSING PRINCIPLE!

You quote Mandela... why do you consult what he has to say on non-violence? I offered his ideas about it and Ghandi... Why have you seemingly ignored that? Would you call Mandela's strategy "in effective" or less productive?