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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

OK, now what? Is the point of this line of questioning that you are making the distinction that MX was fighting for "separate but equal" whereas MLK was fighting for just "equal"?
HUH? SEPARATE but equal?? HUH??

Is this some more of your [biased] "popular" conception stuff?
So, are they on the same team or not?
That's what I'm asking you? The common or popular conception of people on the same team is not to ask who is more effective per se as if they are in competition. In any sport (where has your football analogy went?) TEAMMATES are not assessed by that measure in terms of one being chosen over the other. They are acknowledge and equally accepted for their roles, however different they may be.

I've been asking you that question all along and your strategy assessment squares with the "team" concept. Now, you want to turn that around on me??

Big Grin I have never said or suggested they were not on the same team nor have I made a fallacious, false positive argument that one is greater than the other. They both have/had their roles. That's how I see it. That's why I feel no need to choose.

Are you going to spend all day avoid my questions besides those that elicit responses like this:
I believe that they both were fighting for EXACTLY the same thing: black liberation. Further, I ascribe no meaning to the words "equality" and "freedom" outside of their generally accepted uses.
After all that you still never defined anything. How am I to know exactly what the "generally accepted uses" are to you? We've already quarrled over the generally accepted yet mischaracterized conception or reduction of MX's beliefs to simple "violence"...

ON terrorism... Which item you offered best depicts the American terrorism that was being fought in MLK's Era? Where we held hostage or trying to deter future terrorism?

HINT: I would characterize MLK as the "hostage" negoiation, I guess. The issue I take is that it did not "deter" future terrorism in terms of what we continue to deal with today... (do I need to elaborate)

Do you suggest we continue on the "negoiation" front at the expense of maybe not doing enough in terms of "deterence"?

I only wanted to focus on the terms (and really was giving you a hint...) because it is a major ASSUMPTION to believe that there was a generally accepted idea or definition as to what BLACK LIBERATION... hmmm... FREEDOM & EQUALITY meant to either of them.

To my recollection ONLY Malcolm X made overtures and actually said:

The links I listed in response to Solomonic (I believe) shows that MX was the one who, not unlike yourself, strove to understand and support MLK. for what's that's worth...

Reconcile that...
And what about the King quote? Is this an avoidance on your part or what? What did he mean?

Generally accepted amongst who? The general public that would no doubt favor MLK? That kind of generally accepted? ...Or can we (you) finally define these terms no matter how "generally" you define them? I.E. what do those terms mean to YOU???????

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