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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"


Own your bias. You ask me why I don't acknowledge MLK's evolution (you could elaborate on that and the "popular" opinion that he was moving towards Malcolm and vice versa) calling it explicitly or not my bias but won't acknowledge the same essential bias of your own.

Are we talking about BUSINESS models or FOOTBALL now?

Don't abandon your analogy when the holes - i.e. the conflicting, short-sighted, snap-shot photo perspective - of it are exposed.

I fully respect you and MLK. You should tell the truth. You prefer MLK for your reasons which are valid but seriously what is the relevance TODAY, MBM.

Don't get offended because I challenge your notions. It's not out of disrespect, thread high-jacking or any of that.

Own your bias.
Actually I agree. I said the same much earlier in this thread - and probably in others as well. It is the fact that others make distinctions that seem to more heavily distribute their respect to MX that is the core of my curiosity on this point.

IF all you have is mature and dispassionate curiosity then, I don't see why - even if you want to characterize my contentions as passion laden - you can't and don't see my observations as helpful to those ends.

What's the problem?

I'm sure what I said... which FAHEEM says as well... is very explicit why Malcolm X has esteem. Deep down, based on your bias (and we all have one) you really do not accept that, otherwise your curiosity would not be there.

Business model of success or not, no one is curious why a seemingly "unsuccessful" model is favored over a "successful" one if they truly understand the former.

Two terms:

Now, the BULLSHIT is acting like what I said is irrelevant. It is at least explanatory... which I thought was the focus of your "curious" exploration.

Own your bias. You favor MLK ultimately because, in your mind he "succeeded"...

What really then is the "measure of success"?