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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

MLK and Malcolm both served a purpose and they both contributed to who we are today, however, if we are going to ask if Martin gets a bad rap we need only to look at the end result of his works and what it has produced, meaning our present day condition.

I would have to say he does not get a bad rap, based on the thinking of today and looking at the end result of his work. I think MLK passive approach was appreciated more by white folk because it was none threatening and made white folk sympathetic to our cause and allowed Jews to infiltrate our struggle to serve their own agenda. Our present day condition as a whole probably has more to do with MLK's non-violence stance than Malcolm more militant stance. Thus we truly do not know the end result of what Malcolm's more militant and self determination stance would have produced. However, we can look at what the end result of the things MLK sought after have produced. He sought integration that has been a failure and triggered the systematic destruction of Black businesses and black schools. Integration also removed Black men and women from our community that could be examples to those coming behind them and left a vacuum that has been filled by black men and women that are self destructive.

Somehow those in the civil rights movement under MLK began to think integration was about forcing white folk to allow us to go to school with them, eat next to them and do all sorts of other things with them. The thing that sparked this movement was not so much that we could not do things with white folk, it was that the resources we had available to us was sub par. Malcolm fought to make black men and women independent of white folk and MLK fight may have not been to make black folk dependent on white folk but the end result of his fight has produced a dependency on them to be fair with us and this has not happen yet.

So in my assessment MLK is giving more credit for things that are considered good and not blamed for the harmful side affects of his movement. Who knows what the end result of Malcolm's fight would have been or the side affects but I personally believe it could not have been worse than our present day condition of dependency, self destructive behavior, and hatred of self.

Lastly, because of our present day condition I believe as Solomonic has opined, The schism of Booker T. Washington versus W.E.B. Dubois is far more relevant today than MLK versus Malcolm.

"We got to organize ourselves, We got to mobilize and there can't be no confusion in our collective solution, If not for ourselves, then for our kids, because we know who our enemy is!"

DPZ "for the hood"

More to come later!

Your Brother Faheem