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Reply to "Does MLK Get A Bad Rap?"

Was the opposition to slavery adjusted to and based on the idea of what's "likely to succeed"? Confused

I think on a fundamental level in this discussion about our plight that idea is completely absurd. I can't even fashion a question to ask about what "tactics" would have or were most effective in forwarding the abolition of slavery. Do you think non-violence achieved that? Do you think our enslaved ancestors particularly the first captive wanted "equality" or freedom and should have unconditionally employed non-volence?

When they got off the boat, seriously... what do you think they thought and should have done? When they got sold on the auction block?

What tactic would you have suggested they use then?
How would you suggest they determine what tactic would be effective?
...Some arbitrary notion of what's "likely to be succeessful"?

Let's see... if you're child is being "bullied" physically or otherwise you would what? Unconditionally advocate non-violence? Unconditionally?? Non-violence would be the most effective tactic right? It would make the bully never, ever disrespect you/your child again right? in any way shape or form right?

And really what lasting "sympathy" do you think anyone would have for the non-violent guy once the bully relinguish his physical affront yet still resorts to other disrespectful methods - verbal teasing, berating him verbally when speaking to others etc.

There's a world of difference between truth and facts.
Facts can obscure truth.
- Maya Angelou