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Reply to "Does Jonh Brown = Osama Bin Laden?"

Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:
Originally posted by Huey:
Did you get that picture from

No. Sadly it is a REAL PICTURE from Africans who were influenced by AMERICAN SAMBOS to use this name. A Black American cyclist riding the length of the continent spotted this store along his journey.

Think about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In YOUR response you TARGET ME!!!!!!!!!!!

You say NOTHING about the AMERICAN SAMBOS who have motivated these people who live in a different culture to use a word that MEANS NOTHING TO THEM but is offensive to Black Americans. They got this from listening to the music and the images of these AMERICAN SAMBOS.

BUT AGAIN YOU TARGET ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Think about how warped and MISDIRECTED your swipe at me is.

**How is asking you a question about where you got a picture from targeting you or taking a swipe at you? But you accuse me of thinking like a VICTIM.....ha ha, that is funny...

*I agree of that came from black people here (what you have not proven, just stated) it is a social tragedy....but it still does not compare to blkCON efforts to disenfranchise millionsof black people educationally and professionally......only the predatory criminal, murderer and gang banger is probably more detremental to the race.......than the blkCON...or whatever they like to call themselves...right-wing blacks, whatever the f-k they choose, their ideology masks the conservatives on the right....if they do not realize that, not only are they tommin....they are real stupid toms.......geesh....