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Reply to "Does Jonh Brown = Osama Bin Laden?"

So often the position of the FUNDEMENTALIST can be refuted if you ask the reverse question of his definitive statement.
Funny how you use the term... but you're the one with the most Black/White, EITHER OR type of thinking on this damn board.

When you figure out which thread you're on... call me! cabbage
Also note, you have just described the techiques of the Intellectually NONgifted. Perhaps you read that shit in a book somewhere and now you follow it like the mark (and POSER) you are.

"Dirty South"? Southern (Confederate) Pride?
Yeah!! I do see the comparison.... Wink Confused

Both have a similar history and there are DIRTY SOUTH rallies/parades all the time with all types of comparable SYMBOLS.... lol

PROOF once more that you are a DEPTHLESS WONDER!!

The fact that some of you are used to PONTIFICATING rather than debating you take offense to my questioning or challenging you. I understand dude.
So what does this say about you and all the damn whining and crying you do about me and MY CHALLENGES to you?

You keep posing, posturing and PONTIFICATING but yet you still continue to SHRINK when challenged. What's your excuse?

I am not seeking he approval of any of you - only asking you to justify YOUR positions.
And on that, I have witnessed MAJOR SHRINKAGE from you... over and over and over and over...

Seriously? When have you JUSTIFIED any on your positions? WHEN??

... In other words, STFU!!! fro

For so long in the past you have been able to use anger, outrage and frustration to defend against any challenges to your ideology.
CF? Do you really want me, us to go down that long list of WEAK rhetorical devices you employ as you SHRINK and try to avoid the blatant CONTRADICTIONS and the patented DEPTHLESSNESS of your positions?

Really? sck