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Reply to "Does good love making require skill?"

I don't want to drag in my 'soap-box' of the LOVE-making concept. But I will give an honest assessment. When their is 'love' present, a 'climax' isn't necessarily required. Before people start swinging... I'm going to make a mad dash...

In the opposite direction.

I think without love, a climax is required, for the most part. So (if I may), I'll custom fit the question, Does good sex require skill?
Ima take a stab in the dark and say YES. Can a man be unskilled and bring his woman to a climax? I say NO.

Please excuse me if this seems a little insensitive, but your words seem like they are designed to console someone who has failed to connect properly with their partner.

Love is multidimensional. We may passionately love someone in one dimension, and be repulsed by them in another. Love making may occur in the dimension where we do not find our partner very attractive. We still love them...