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Reply to "Does good love making require skill?"

Originally posted by Kai:

Is there more to sex, than technique? Can a man be completely unskilled, and still bring his women to a climax?

I say yes....

I say that under the right circumstances, a women can be brought to a state of sheer ecstasy without technique...In some cases it could require less than a touch....


I am not too sure about that one! I guess it is possible to bring a lady to an orgasm without any decent amount of skill but I will argue that such a case is in the ranks of the rare category. Good lovemaking requires a good deal of communication, a fair amount of anatomical knowledge (I have heard that a good deal of men seem to not where certain areas of the female genitalia such as the clit is located...sad)as well as patience and a willingness to learn and be taught. These attributes are generally acquired with time but are quite neccessary for mutually good lovemaking...that's my two kobo!