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Does good love making require skill?


There are many men and women who believe that good sex happens when the participants are skilled lovers. This idea leads some of us to experiment with different sexual positions, or acts. Sometimes these things work to enhance love making, however, I personally believe that while sexual technique has it's place, it is secondary to other elements which many men miss.

There are many women who rarely reach climax when love making despite the best efforts of their partner...Some women resort to faking an orgasm to avoid damaging the ego of their partner, or simply to make the man stop...This is very unfortunate for her..

Is there more to sex, than technique? Can a man be completely unskilled, and still bring his women to a climax?

I say yes....

I say that under the right circumstances, a women can be brought to a state of sheer ecstasy without technique...In some cases it could require less than a touch....

Well before I continue, I would like to know what others think.

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