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Reply to "DNA Used to Trace African Lineage..."

PWG said: Maybe we should ask the Jews. They we're the ones that bought us over here to begin with.
Dr. Farrakahn is right.

It ain't Whitey, its the Jews, that screwed things up.
I agree with you in part.

However, IMHO it has always been a process of collusion between the Gentiles and the Jews--therefore neither are blameless. b.htm
A. The Grandees, "the money managers of Spain, mostly Sephardic Jews," financed the Afrikan Holocaust, "the greatest single crime in the world" against a people. Over 100 million human beings died during this Holocaust. Many Jews converted to Catholicism. They practiced Catholicism by day and Judaism by night. They were called the Marranos or the "silent Jews."
June 15, 2001
Dr Kwame Nantambu

Other Source: grandee.htm