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Reply to ""Django Unchained""

Sista Norland wrote: 

Slavery's not over.  The same atrocities that happened during slavery happens in the Prison Industrial Complex.  Rape, torture, executions, etc., etc.  We complain about these "white" people day-after-day-after-day.  Yet, here we are calling ourselves "Americans".  Watch a couple hours of Tru-TV and ask yourselves, "Is this what I want to be?"


Had slavery begun in Japan or China, would we be calling ourselves African-Japanese or African-Chinese?


Please, the European is mental and we're mental.  Crazy leading Crazy.  What we really need is a serious vacation from each other and it would be a wonderful thing if we could all do it permanently.


I'd like all "white" people to know that I'm as sick of them as they are of me, and I can't do a damn thing about it but try to stay the hell out of your clutches. Once upon a time it was only myself I had to worry about, but the family has grown in leaps and bounds.  I'll worry about them all until the day I die, but the "beat will keep going on."


White people HATE Africans, but Massa made sure we became related.  You all need to embrace your African COUSINS.  Another thing:  A whole bunch of us LOOK JUST LIKE YOU and you don't even realize this.  America the sick, sick society, that calls itself the "Greatest Country in the World."  Quaint!!!!!


  I agree that we are still enslaved in some way or form....but!  Slavery as it existed in the new world i.e. America is OVER!!!!  But again, that doesn't mean we aren't ACTING like slaves.  Cuz many of us are.  However, slavery was born out of prisioner of war system derived by the enemy also called the spoils of the war or the booty of the war.  During a very primitive time in early civilization, after a conquer won, it was customary to enslave the remaining captives.  As a matter of fact, this was standard worldwide.  Many who lose the battle against their adversary became prisoners of war and was initiated as slaves in the conqueror's land.  Many conquerors also enslaved the women and placed them in harems i.e. middle east and forcibly enlisted captives to fight for them.  Others killed entire villages taking no prisoners/hostages.  Prisons are set up with the SAME mentality.  And there is where homosexuality i.e. or brutal man-love was created.  As why is prisons all over the world share some form of this behavior as standard.  And why when some prisoners are released they are not able to live their lives as heterosexual becoming what we call in Amerca as being "on the down low." 


But getting back to slavery, this is a human cancer that has existed as long as men have been fighting against each other.  It has evolved from the tradition angst of war, to the Arab and Transatlantic Slave trade.  The latter being new.  Now today we have to deal with human trafficking which is the SAME as slavery back in the day except there are more victims of slavery today than it EVER was. Cuz over there, the poor is still being encoached by the rich and powerful using customs as a defense to do harm, 


In the book " The destruction of black civilizations," it goes into deep details regarding HOW captives were turned into slave soldiers and sex slaves.  So I'm saying all this to say that YES you are correct sista Norland slavery in a sense is not over especially underground and aboard, it just an evolution of subliminal human genocide that hides under different diguises....however my point is it is not just massa or have only been just massa perpetrating this inhumane act-he learned it from the Asians.  As is why slavery in full force continues on that side of the hemisphere as if it was never eradicated,


But!  America like it or not.....from where I see,,,,is PROBABLY the best seat in town currently.  Yes, we have these neanderthal racists....but!  It is enough of them with a conscious that allowed the wall of slavery to come tumbling down here.   And that has a lot to do with christanity.  Again....if it done anything positive....christianity SAVED women and children.  Giving women their rights to their own bodies and children rights to their childhood.  As a result, our civilization has soared in less than 200 years.  That's HUGE.  So with all the other little annoying things massa does....I take that for $20 Alex anytime! Cuz change happens in increments.  And so far, the other side hasn't socially changed since the 7th century.    And that's really something to ponder!  But!  Just sayin