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We must understand that the media is a propaganda and entertainment machine. It's purpose is to keep Americans ignorant. 


1. The video I shared is a fifteen minute excerpt from an hour long interview. Louis Farrakhan traveled to Darfur on a fact-finding mission, to find out if genocide was actually occurring in that country. I am not considered a trusting individual but I do trust Louis Farrakhan, especially what he says. I do not trust anything the oppressor tells me, especially when it comes to black people anywhere. How many black leaders (in this country) traveled to Darfur to find out first-hand, for themselves, what was going on in Darfur? 


2. In regards to Sudan, there is an agenda. President George W. Bush's administration laid out a plan to take out seven countries in five years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. Google it. 4 down, 3 to go. This plan is still in effect; although, President Obama, it would seem, is trying to resist it in regards to Iran (much to the Zionists displeasure).


3. When the West wants the resources of another country (like Sudan), it will manufacture a human rights crisis in that country; inflame (or exploit) pre-existing conflict or tension in that country (like Sudan), or foment division within that country against its elected government (like Syria). The West will support (arms, money) any rebel group (regardless of how psycho it might be) against a government it wants to remove from power


4. Louis Farrakhan has spoken out vehemently against the mistreatment of women and girls, here and abroad, so many times that I have lost count. He has chastised black men (too many times to count), including those in clergy (whether Muslim, Christian, etc.), for mistreating and devaluing women. Many of his sermons are on YouTube. Please listen to them with an open mind.


5. Louis Farrakhan has vehemently spoken out against slavery and the injustices done to blacks, here and abroad. He has asked the government for reparations for what was done to us. He has spoken out against those Middle Eastern Muslims who violate the Quran. He has spoken out about their oppression of women and how they mistreat the darker skinned people in their countries.


6. The only so-called Muslims who enslaved black Africans were white Arabs (Saudi Arabia). Please do not malign an entire religion for the actions of a few. It is no different than white racists saying that all blacks are thieves. The majority of the world's Muslims do not live in the Middle East. Indonesia, for example, is a Muslim nation. Women are allowed to drive, receive higher education, work, etc. in Indonesia. This was true of Libya (before destruction), Iraq (before destruction), etc. The laws concerning women in Saudi Arabia have nothing to do with Islam but everything to do with male neanderthal thinking. Many religions have been corrupted with cultural practices or pagan rituals that have nothing to do with the religion itself (e.g. Christmas trees, beard-wearing, female castration, the burqa, and the Easter bunny). 


7. There are extremists in every religion. Religions should not be defined by those who say they are (fill in the blank) but are not but are really in the (fill in the blank) of Satan. There are wrongdoers in every religion but those religions shouldn't be defined by those individuals. 


8. There is no record of Muslims using Islam as a means to enslave an entire group of people against their will. There is no record of Islam enslaving people as a practice. There is a record of 'Christians' using Christianity as a means to enslave an entire group of people against their will. The justification used was that blacks were cursed descendants of Ham, destined to be hewers of wood forever. It is interesting to note that this belief first arose during the early stages of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. That story of Ham is a complete fabrication like those white images of Jesus. 


9. Not all Arabs are Muslim. That is a popular myth. Some are Christian. Some are Jews. A few may be Atheist.


10. The media would give us the impression that all Jews are against Muslims (in general) and Louis Farrakhan (in particular) and vice versa. That is false propaganda. Zionists are against Islam and vice versa. Zionism (not a religion!) was originally a political movement (to being Jews back to Palestine, presently called Israel). It has since become part of the military industrial complex. Please see what Jews against Zionism have to say.

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