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Reply to "Did Kanye say something wrong?"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:


And, while, I respect the vast knowledge of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakan and many aspects of the NOI's blueprint for self-reliance, I still question Minister Farrakan's [rightly so] criticisms of America and its history of slavery and its racist history against Black people here, because I find it disingenuous that he belongs to a religion that did the exact same thing, for far longer, to Black people, yet, he finds no fault in that religion, culture or its politics, or makes no mention of the fact that Black people are still being held as slaves in certain Arab countries.




We've been through this time and again.  Framing is part of how the term anti Semite is used to label people as toxic to dismiss their claims and observations.  


Sadly there has been (by no accident) the introduction and acceptance of a frame that makes no sense on examination.


The popular idea that Muslims don't want to/refuse to or gloss over slavery as a historic matter as well as present day claims is FALSE!


But like the use of the charge anti Semitic....that isn't the point of it.  The point is to further the culture that dismisses observations on the basis of a fictional narrative (i.e. attempting to label  the calling of Israel an apartheid state as anti Semitic although the language comes from Israeli, Jewish activist).  I don't think that you (Sunnubian) personally desire to to this...but it is the net effect.


The problem with this issue for Black Americans is that slavery is used and tossed around as a buzzword.   Our (quite understandable) reaction to that word is to STOP at the emotional response and not actually proceed to understand exactly what is going on in a given situation.


The issue isn't glossing over anything..its what happens when we think/suspect is going on is challenged/checked by the facts of the situation. 


As a side note dealing with the NOI in particular, this is where Black people's ignorance of the NOI on a theological basis becomes an issue.  The very existence of the NOI (theology) in the west ends any idea of subservience to that which isn't in the nature of the Blackman and Blackwoman.  To that end the NOI doesn't "belong" to any Islamic apologetic either theologically or programmatic-ly.  


google Wesley Muhammad and the African Origins of Islam. 


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